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10 Essential Takeaways in Cybersecurity Trends for 2016

In the past few years hackers have made their presence known through increasingly expensive attacks. This year, in what looks like a heist ripped off from a pages of a Hollywood script, a group of hackers managed to steal $81 million from the Bangladesh bank. This goes to show that cybercriminals are getting more and […]

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How Do You Trust Your Bank’s Security System?

A bank’s security system contains all the pertinent information about its clients. Hence, its database should protect their interest and keep confidential matters private. After all, you wouldn’t want anyone to know passwords and personal information, as they can use it to infiltrate other accounts. However, some banks’ IT security does not hold much against […]

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5 IT Security Lessons from the Comelec Data Breach

Dire consequences are always at stake, especially when IT security is concerned. Hacking and other cybercrime attacks have the ability to shut down an entire system for a day, causing businesses to halt their operation. In line with this, huge costs can be incurred whenever a cyber attack happens. But, among these consequences, it is […]

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